Everything you need to pop-up your own wedding website

  • Keep your guests in the know

    No need to phone up everybody when there's a change. Update your site and it'll tell your guests for you.

  • Designs to match your wedding

    You might want it orange and sunny or dark and glamorous. Pick a design that suits your big day.

  • Anybody can use it

    Even if you or a guest is the least tech-savvy person that ever walked the earth, you'll be able to use our site. And we've got the tools to just make your life easier.

  • Real people. No robots.

    When you ask us a question or send us an email, it'll always be a real person on the other end. We've got your back.

  • Blog

    Keep everybody in the loop with your own blog or just gush about how excited you are.

  • Bridal Party

    Show off your best friends and let other guests know who’s in your bridal party.

  • Contact form

    If your guests have questions, they can contact you quickly using a form.

  • Easy to manage

    We've got the tools behind the scenes for you to use the features you need and have control over your content.

  • Events

    Give your guests all the information they need about your wedding events and locations. Add a photo, map and more.

  • FAQ

    If the same questions come up, let your guests know all the answers in one place.

  • Gallery

    Show off how in love you are by uploading your photos. Add them to categories for your guests to filter.

  • Gift registry

    Let guests know which shops or online stores you have registered at, and any other information they need.

  • Guestbook

    Receive comments from guests and moderate them before they appear.

  • Help

    Not sure what something is or how it works? Help is always close at hand, explaining every feature clearly.

  • No coding required

    You don't need any coding to create or make changes to your Popup Weddings® website.

  • RSVP form

    Know who's coming. Get RSVPs without the hassle of posting them.

  • Security

    Open your site to the world or only allow in people that know you – the choice is yours.

  • Subscribe by email

    Let guests easily subscribe to your blog so that when you add a new post they get an email to let them know.

  • Support

    Get stuck? Ask questions, get answers and submit support tickets – we’ll never ignore you.

  • Themes

    Beautiful, professionally designed themes to compliment the biggest day of your life.

  • Works on the move

    Tablet or mobile phone. Our site doesn't mind, we've designed it to be friendly for whatever you're using.

  • Your own name

    When you create your Popup Weddings® website you can choose your own name for its web address.

Everything you need to make it easy to keep your guests up-to-date with your wedding’s details all whilst being simple to use and looking great

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