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Vintage hair dos for your wedding day

We love a bit of vintage wedding inspiration here at Popup Weddings. We’ve delved into the 1920s, 30s and 40s with our ongoing Eras of Inspiration Series, and so we thought it was time to take a look at the classic hairstyles that complement a vintage wedding theme.

Whether you’re doing a full on retro wedding or you just want to channel the vintage bridal look, here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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Wedding car hire – What to keep in mind

Booking a wedding car is pretty simple, by wedding standards. But you’ll still need to give it some thought. Here are some things to consider as you browse.

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Step-parents and their role in your wedding

Step-family weddings have the biggest potential to cause drama. So how do you involve both your real parents and your step-parents without rocking the boat?

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Wedding makeup: 6 trends you’ll love for 2017

We’ve been lapping up all the beauty trends from fashion week to bridal week, and after scouring the catwalks and showcases we’ve put together a list of top wedding makeup trends for 2017. So if you’re getting married this season, walk this way for plenty of beauty inspo for the big day.

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Millennial weddings: Do you fit the stereotype?

Most people getting married now are of the much-scrutinised ‘millennial’ generation. And the wedding industry has a clear idea of what this generation is.

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‘No ring, no bring’ wedding rule – Pros & cons

The ‘no ring, no bring’ wedding rule was good enough for Pippa Middleton. But does it suggest relationships are only valid if they’re sealed with marriage?

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