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Millennial weddings: Do you fit the stereotype?

Most people getting married now are of the much-scrutinised ‘millennial’ generation. And the wedding industry has a clear idea of what this generation is.

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Announcement: Two new themes for summer 2017

Summer is traditionally wedding season, and to celebrate we’ve added two new themes, each in three colours for your Popup Weddings website.

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Has the internet changed weddings for better or worse?

The internet’s had a massive influence on weddings over the last 20 years, especially when it comes to planning them. But how good or bad are these changes?

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Reception back home when you marry abroad?

If you’re having a destination wedding, should you throw a fancy reception at home, despite the naysayers’ glares? Or do you go low key with a casual party?

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Get to know the Popup Weddings team

Who are we at Popup Weddings? What does each of us do? What do we think true love is? Do we like marmite?

A quick Q&A with the Popup Weddings team, containing many relevant questions and some plain silly ones.

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How are the wedding plans? – how to answer the same question hundreds of times

“How are the wedding plans going?” is the most common question asked of nearlyweds. Here’s how to answer it, time after time, without pulling your hair out.

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