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Popup judgement: do wedding photographers need to be fed?

Brides magazine got some Twitter hate this month after saying wedding photographers don’t need to be fed. So let’s grab our wigs and hammers and make a judgement.

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Plug in your wedding: Encourage mobile phones

Social media’s a hugely popular way to socialise. And it’s now becoming an integral part of the modern-day wedding. But does it hinder real conversation? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and whatever other form of social media you can think of, on your wedding day.

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Choosing the best photos for your wedding website

Your perfect wedding website will need to be decorated with a perfect selection of romantic photos. But should you hire a pro or get creative on your own?

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How to take interesting wedding photos

Most wedding guests take the same old, vanilla photos. We spoke to wedding photographer Sam Reed to get a crash course in taking creative wedding snaps.

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