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Wedding gift ideas for parents

Wedding days are all about sharing the love, and what better time to show your parents a little appreciation? It’s a long honoured tradition to give your parents a gift either before or on the wedding day, and so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite ideas to lessen the stress in finding the perfect present.

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Wedding etiquette for parents – the do’s and don’ts

Wedding traditions aren’t so rigid nowadays. For parents, it’s hard to know what your role is. So here’s a parental guide on navigating a modern-day wedding

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Paying towards the wedding: should I get a say?

When you’re paying for your kid’s wedding, it’s only fair you get a say in how your money’s spent. But how much say? How much is too much (or too little?)

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5 ways mothers of the bride and groom duties have changed

In the modern-day wedding, tradition tends to take a back seat. But how does this affect the traditional duties of the mothers of the bride and groom?

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Engagement parties: should you have one?

Swanky cocktail parties, casual garden gatherings or a phone call. We talk to 6 couples and find out how they chose to say ‘We got engaged!’

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Parents’ wedding roles: do I keep it traditional or freestyle it?

Parents’ roles are pretty well etched into wedding tradition, but what if that doesn’t suit you or them? We look at how and where you can break with tradition.

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