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Story time: How and why I called off my wedding

I called off my first engagement less than a month before my wedding. It was a truly daunting decision, but the right one. Here’s how it happened.

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Ungrateful newlyweds

We’ve been reading some horror stories about ungrateful newlyweds. But what qualifies? Is it always ungrateful to be disappointed by a gift, whatever it is?

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Losing sight of what it’s all about

You’ve got invites to send, a food tasting session to attend, a dress-fitting, and a Hen/Stag do. You’re over budget, out of time and the stress is mounting as the days are counting down to the biggest day of your life. Some people thrive on this sort of pressure, others crumble, but whether you’re powering on or having mild panic attacks every five minutes, it’s important to take a minute to breath, and remember, if only for a moment, what you’re doing this for. Here’s a hint, if the word “love” didn’t just pop up in your brain, you may want to reprioritise.

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How have weddings changed and (arguably) been hijacked?

We’ve been reading up on the history of weddings and marriages. And it’s left us wondering if the ‘institution’ of marriage is at an all time low.

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Popup judgement: do wedding photographers need to be fed?

Brides magazine got some Twitter hate this month after saying wedding photographers don’t need to be fed. So let’s grab our wigs and hammers and make a judgement.

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Newlyweds: the dreaded baby pressure

How do just-married couples deal with all the tick-tock, why-wait baby pressure? We get an insight from three newlyweds.

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