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Two years of gay marriage in the UK: how’s it going?

It’s been two years since gay marriage became legal in the UK and Wales. So let’s tank about how marriage equality is turning out, and why.

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Can a wedding be more masculine?

Why are weddings so girly? Have you ever tried to picture a masculine wedding? Probably not. Meet Matt and Steve, whose wedding was a bit different.

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GLBT weddings: who wears what?

Whether you follow tradition, subvert it or ignore it altogether, what you wear on your wedding day should reflect the person you are. And nothing else.

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Types of marriage: Some different wedding ideas

When someone mentions the word wedding what do you think of? A big church or manor more regal than the Queen’s pantyhose, a long flowing wedding gown as white as the groom’s face at the altar, or perhaps just the stag do that will end all stag dos. Perhaps that is a tad presumptuous on our part. Not all weddings are big and white and fluffy. Not all weddings are bookended by unsightly quantities of booze (although you may argue that, as a guest, some of the best are). Some weddings have alternative traditions, steeped in equally prevalent historic value. Others have zero historic value, but they’re fun all the same.

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The difference between gay and straight weddings

Besides the obvious difference, gay and straight weddings tend to be quite different occasions. Here’s a quick summary of where their paths often diverge.

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Gay marriage: suddenly so many options

In March, 2014, gay marriage will finally become available in England and Wales. Let’s take a look at the new matrimonial options for same-sex couples.

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