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How to Make A Wedding Guest List

When you’re getting married, you don’t want anyone to feel left out.But you can’t invite everyone.So why not make a three-tiered wedding guest list instead?

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How to un-invite someone from your wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. And friction with family and friends can happen. Most of the time, it sorts itself out. But sometimes a bust-up is so bad, the damage is irreversible. So, what do you do? Un-invite them to your wedding of course!

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Dealing with conflicting wedding dates

As we grow up and our friends start to get married and have babies, event clashes are inevitable. So we’ve got some tips on dealing with conflicting events on the same day as your own or a friend’s wedding.

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Paying towards the wedding: should I get a say?

When you’re paying for your kid’s wedding, it’s only fair you get a say in how your money’s spent. But how much say? How much is too much (or too little?)

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Story time: How and why I called off my wedding

I called off my first engagement less than a month before my wedding. It was a truly daunting decision, but the right one. Here’s how it happened.

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The Best Man Diaries (4/6)

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Best man diaries

We’ve seen how two of our best men performed in organising a killer stag, now it’s time to look at the main event, the crux of the arc, the final crescendo. That’s right. The wedding itself requires just as much organisation and attentiveness. From helping guests to their seats to toasting the couple in their speech, a best man’s job isn’t over until the bride and groom have departed and the party is finally over.

In the last year I’ve been to four weddings, and I’d like to quickly review what made them so fantastic in terms of the best man’s role.

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