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Wedding-based TV Shows and Movies

by | 24 December 2016 | Just for Fun

There are loads of TV shows and movies about weddings. If you’re a nearlywed and you find yourself compelled to watch some, it’s worth making sure you find the ones that match your mood.

So here’s a few of our tips for when you want to relax on the couch and watch other people fuss over a wedding for once.

When you want to indulge your sense of romance

A wedding Story has been running on TLC in the US since 1996. It’s a bit obscure in the UK, but we tracked down one episode after reading that it was all about genuine, no-strings-attached, nice wedding stories. We at Popup Weddings are all of the generation raised on shock-and-awe reality TV, so this seemed far too twee and boring to be true.

But it is. The episode we watched was just a very sweet story about a lovely couple getting married. It covered how they met, how they planned their wedding and how their big day went. (Really well.)

No prizes, no challenges, no fighting or melodrama. It’s just a nice show about nice people getting married. So if you can check it out, do.

When you need a reminder not to take it all too seriously

Here’s the thing about wedding movies. They often centre around women, but don’t tend to show them in a very good light. Usually, in Hollywood, wedding stories are based on very narrow, gender-based motivations. All the women just want to find a man and get married. A woman’s friends exist for the sole purpose of chatting about men and marriage. Every group of women has a very awkward, unattractive member, who miraculously finds and equally awkward and unattractive man just before the end credits.

The reverse is what’s great about Bridesmaids. The friendships between the female characters are actually believable. It’s a movie about friendships, driven by the process of getting married, instead of the other way around. Why watch a wedding movie about women desperate to get married when you can watch one about Kristen Wiig doing penis impressions?

Bridesmaids Movie

When you want fashion inspiration

There’s been a lot of weddings in Sex and the City. And fashion is always a prominent feature. There’s even a Vogue article that categorises all the different wedding styles from the show.

If you’re not a fan and want a preview, check out this scene from the first movie in which Carrie models couture gowns by (among others) Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta and Vivien Westwood.

Sex In The City TV Show Wedding

When you need to remember it could be much worse

You can always rely on reality TV to show you just how bad things can get – in pretty much any walk of life. On Don’t Tell the Bride, a couple are given £14,000 to spend on their wedding, with the catch that the groom has to organise everything in just three weeks.

Naturally, it often goes badly. Like in this case, for example. It can be quite sweet when it all goes well, but let’s be honest, that’s not its core appeal.

Don't Tell The Bride

And finally…when you’ve watched too much TV

Remember when Bridalplasty was first in the news and everyone thought it had to be a joke? Twelve bright-eyed and bushy tailed brides-to-be take part in weekly challenges to win increasingly expensive plastic surgery procedures. Sounds like a joke doesn’t it?

It might’ve been better if it was a joke. It could’ve been a subtle, Black-Mirror-like satire of how far reality TV has gone past the line of good taste. Incidentally, that’s still the takeaway lesson from Bridalplasty, it just isn’t very funny.

Young beautiful woman face surgery - bigstock_13020839

But that’s why it’s useful to us. It’s a reminder that TV just does not show weddings in a realistic light. (With the possible exception of A Wedding Story.) Because there’s no entertainment in it. The only weddings you see on TV are the ones bizarre enough to be a curiosity. And the only people you see getting married on TV (whether real or fictional) are extreme in some way or another.

So kick back and enjoy some screen weddings if it fits your mood. Whenever your life is building up towards something, it can be very therapeutic to see extreme, ridiculous or unrealistic versions of it on TV.

But remember, with Bridalplasty as clear evidence – the weddings you see on TV and in film are not the norm.

What wedding TV shows and movies do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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Just for Fun Wedding-based TV Shows and Movies