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Do’s and Don’ts of wedding makeup

by | 16 March 2016 | Hair & Beauty

So you’ve made the dress decision, and now it’s time to start thinking about beauty. Here are our do’s and don’ts of wedding makeup.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

DO have a makeup trial. If you’re hiring a makeup artist, book a trial. You need to make sure you’re happy with your artist and the look they create.

DO get inspired. We’re not saying you have to get the glue and scissors and create a mood board, but do scour Pinterest, magazines and blogs for makeup inspiration. Take them to your makeup artist, and remember to look for people with a similar skin tone to your own.

DO wear a white t-shirt to your makeup trial. This way, you can be sure your look works well with white. Also, if you’re having a fake tan for the wedding, make sure you wear it on trial day.

DON’T rely on artificial light. If you’re having a trial, have the artist do it whilst it’s daylight outside.

DO take photos at the trial. Your wedding photos will last forever, so make sure you’re pleased with your makeup on camera as well as in the mirror.

DON’T change your skin routine just before the wedding. It might be tempting to try some new fangled product to give you that bridal glow, but be wary of changing your skin routine too close to your wedding. New products can cause all sorts of reactions and breakouts. That said, do keep up a good skincare routine on the run-up to the big day.

Made Up

DO embrace colour. Many of you won’t be used to an all-white outfit, so do look for some colour in your makeup.

DON’T divert too far from your usual makeup look. Think of your wedding makeup as a polished version of the look you love. This is great advice to avoid looking like someone else on your wedding day.

DON’T let the trends trip you up. Your weddings photos will last a lifetime. You don’t want to look back on yours and cringe about that crazy trend that was all the rage the year you got married. But this doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Look to vintage fashion and classic Hollywood for inspiration.

DO research application techniques that’ll help your makeup last longer. From primer to lipliner, there are some great tips to give your makeup some staying power.

DON’T plaster it on. It is a common misconception that you have to apply a thick base layer for photographs. Flashes are bright, daylight is telling, so be light with the cover, and keep your t-zone matte with translucent powder. A good primer will keep your base in place.

DO look for individual lashes. They will give you a dramatic flutter, and you can choose different lengths for a more natural look.

DON’T go too heavy on the eyes. Dark eyeshadows can detract away from your eyes. Apply some darker colour just in the creases of the eyes to give them depth.

DON’T forget your neck. Extend your cover from your face down your neck, and even over your shoulders and chest if necessary. This will make sure your face doesn’t look different to your body.

DO finish off with a highlighter. Apply a matte shade to the brow bone for an eye-popping look.

DON’T forget your brows. The catwalk is brow obsessed, and it’s for good reason. It is often forgotten that your brows are an important face-framer. Have them professionally waxed or threaded a week before the wedding, and define them with a brow powder.

DO go waterproof. Everyone knows that waterproof mascara is a bride’s best friend, but consider getting some waterproof foundation and blusher too. There is nothing worse than a bride with tear tracks.

DON’T go airbrush. It’s tempting to create that editorially airbrushed look, but airbrushed makeup is tricky to touch up and it tends to make the face look flat.

DO consider a lip stain. Not only for its long lasting properties, but to save your new hubby from a lipstick smear after that all important first kiss of marriage.

DO use matte everything. Glossy makeup is great for a dewy, fresh look, but matte will avoid any flash reflections in your photos.

DON’T forget about your bridesmaids. They are going to be in many photos with you, so make sure their look is cohesive with yours.

The Big Day

DO give yourself time. Allow at least 45 minutes of time on your wedding day for makeup. Also allow time to let each layer of makeup set.

DO find compact versions of your makeup to carry with you for re-applying throughout the day.

DO remember the handbag essentials. Straws so you don’t ruin your lipstick. Blotting sheets to keep your face matte, and plenty of products for touch-ups.


So those are our tips for the blooming bride… but how about you? Let us in on your makeup secrets in the comments below.


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