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5 More inspirational themed wedding ideas

by | 27 February 2016 | Just for Fun

For better or for worse, much like man-buns, a themed wedding is in. In fact, we had a brief chat about them not too long ago (themed weddings that is, not man-buns), but like a pair of newly weds shacked up away from the sun, apparently you just couldn’t get enough. So I put on my thinking cap and I put together five more (hopefully) inspirational themed wedding ideas of my own to set your own imaginations in motion.

1. Geographical

I was married in Thailand, and for me that was a dream come true. I’m lucky like that. Not everyone gets that break. Most people have family quarrelling about why the wedding is so far away, and whilst I have collated answers as to how one should go about dealing with that, there is a fairly obvious alternative – have a destination themed wedding.

This particular idea has it’s limitations, but if you go to town on it, I promise you the pay off will be great. Imagine people sipping welcome piña coladas at your reception. Imagine a sand box dance floor. Imagine fire poi and hula girls. Hell, it doesn’t have to be tropical – head to the ice bar in London to quell your wanderlust in a different way.

If you’re passionate about travelling, you could base your wedding on that all-encompassing theme. You have options for your dinner tables such as the points of the compass or continents of the world. You can have different cuisines delivered for different courses. You could dance to world music or enjoy different types of entertainment from around the world. The world is your oyster, so to speak.

2. Seasonal

Spring, Easter, Summer, Independence Day, Autumn, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter. So shoot me if I didn’t include the multitude of other holidays throughout the year. Does one mean something special to you and your partner? Did you share your first kiss at Christmas? Did you meet under a sparkling sky on November 5th? Did you and your prospective partner fight over the final Malteaser Easter Egg? Whatever means something to you.

Hand out sparklers to guests, give out Creme Eggs at Easter, have Christmas crackers for your wedding on the 24th of December. The possibilities are endless – if you have an affinity for a certain time of year, put all your creative juices and energies into making it come alive with the spirit of the seasons.

3. Historical

If you’re anything like me you may feel as though you were born in the wrong era. Whether you want a medieval feast at your wedding or can envisage a return to the flower power of the 60s, there is practically an infinite source of inspiration to be pulled from different stages of history, although you may want to stay clear of the prehistoric period where men used to clobber their women over the head before “bedding” them. How romantic.

I’ve seen a few wedding ideas that revolve around the Great Gatsby and the style and fashion of that period, and they seem truly beautiful. How about an American Diner style of the 50s or the Rock ‘n’ Roll edge of the 80s? They could be equally appealing if you’re particularly passionate about them. In fact any era you love could be celebrated through your wedding if it’s a shared interest.

4. Cultural

This is a pretty huge umbrella term for pop-culture and well, culture culture. I’ll start off by retracing my footsteps – Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, Marvel – these are just a few of the icon heavy pop-culture classics that you could use to theme your wedding. Given the distinct lack of success of weddings in Game of Thrones, we generally suggest avoiding those.

Then, much like geographical weddings, you have cultural weddings – my family is (very distantly) from Scotland. So my uncle got married in a kilt. Certainly not the tune in my bagpipes, but you have to work with what works for you. Are you of Scandanavian heritage? Wouldn’t a Viking themed wedding be awesome? How bout Native American? A Cowboys and Indians theme could be slightly distasteful, I guess.

5. Whimsical

Some weddings are dreamlike to begin with, but if you’re really into your fantasy why not take that magic to the next level? Fairies and goblins and books about wizards and witches – there is so much material to work with. With the rings out of Lord of the Rings and tables named after famous fantasy authors or magical creatures, it would be easy to create a beautiful wedding based on folklore and fantasy.

I feel like these are the kind of weddings that sort of just happen. They happen because you and your partner have this knowing look that you share. It’s a look that says, “should we…?” And then you do. That is because it is based off of mutual interests. It isn’t about one party overshadowing another or needing to convince the other, it is about coming together to enjoy your passion – and that’s half of what love is. Being passionate together.

If you’re reading this, you shouldn’t really need it – you’re either thinking “I know exactly what passion we share” or you’re thinking “what could we do for our wedding?” I’d argue that if you don’t know without thinking it over for some time that you probably aren’t the kind of people that would have this type of wedding. But who am I to tell you what to do. I beg you to prove me wrong and then tell me all about it in the comments below.

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