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We have some concerns about marryoke

by | 21 November 2015 | Just for Fun

If you haven’t heard of it, allow us to quickly explain what marryoke is.

It’s basically a music video of your wedding. You pick a song, and then throughout the day a videographer will film members of your wedding party lip syncing sections of the lyrics. Then they edit it all together into something that looks like this:

So marryoke is a thing you can do. It’s also a thing you can not do. So we’re going to break it down and wonder if it’s just a hollow novelty or a genuinely meaningful addition to your wedding.

Reasons to do marryoke

In truth, you only need to browse a few videos and you’ll know fairly quickly whether it’s the thing for you or not. But maybe you’re on the fence. You’ve probably guessed from the title of this post that we’re not big fans, so let’s look at the apparent selling points first:

  • It’s a bit of harmless fun
  • It’s a unique way of capturing your special day
  • You end up with something to look back on that’ll make you smile
  • It gets all your guests involved
  • The companies who do it seem (judging from their websites) to be lovely people

But let’s talk about the ‘oke’ bit

If you’ve ever tried karaoke, you’ll know it’s a bit like Marmite – it’s terrible and it makes you cringe, but some people inexplicably claim to like it. When someone suggests karaoke for a night out, support for the idea is usually 50% at best.

So you should probably bear in mind straightaway that some guests aren’t going to fancy it. Most aspects of a wedding (friends, family, fun, booze, food) are things 99% of people enjoy. Karaoke and all things ‘oke’ suffixed are much more likely to split opinions. Remember that.

It ain’t easy being cheesy

Let’s cut to the point – marryoke is cheesy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing or a reason not to do it, but it’s pretty indisputable. Have a look at some of the videos on YouTube and judge for yourself.

Cheesy things can be hilarious. It’s all in the performance. Lip syncing can be hilarious too. Just check out the lip sync battles on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show:

But here’s what we mean by it being all in the performance: Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt are professional actors and comedians.

Making cheesy things funny is hard. And there’s nothing more awkward than watching people trying in vain to be funny.

…which begs the big question

Are you funny?

Are your friends and family funny? Can you make your marryoke video a hilarious montage of little performance skits? Or is it just going to look a bit forced and cringeworthy?

We’ve watched a lot of these things this week and we can’t honestly say we’ve seen one that’s made us laugh.

But that’s probably easy to explain: if you and your wedding party truly are funny people, then why do you need a lip synced music video to inject some ‘fun’ into the day?

Ultimately, fun is never about what you’re doing – it’s who you’re doing it with. We’d rather go to a shoelace design conference with some awesome people than a weekend in Amsterdam with boring people.

And about this ‘unique’ claim

On all the websites we’ve looked at, the main selling point seems to be: a ‘unique’ way to capture your big day.

But of all the videos we’ve watched, about 20% are Uptown Funk. The rest are mostly the go-to cheesy pop songs like Don’t Stop Me Now, Build Me Up Buttercup, Grease Megamix and such.

And the aesthetics, editing and overall style is the same in every one.

Our verdict

We’re happy to state, by the way, that it’s just our verdict. And what the hell do we know? We’re just a bunch of hopeless romantics, writers and website designers.

But nonetheless, we think marryoke videos are cringeworthy attempts to manufacture the impression of fun in a disposable, shallow, X-Factor kind of way. That probably sounds a little harsh, but we think marryoke is fundamentally opposed to what makes a wedding day special.

It doesn’t ‘capture’ your special day at all – it interrupts your special day to capture something contrived and totally extraneous to the actual wedding. It’s staged, it’s cheesy, it’s artless and it’s certainly not unique.

And that’s without even mentioning the ‘test of time’ issue. Photos and videos from your wedding are meant to last you a lifetime of reminiscing. Uptown Funk’s already getting annoying and it only came out a year ago.

Why waste a good videographer?

Capturing the essence of a special day on video is quite an art. Just like a photographer, a good videographer will capture those little stolen moments – the telling real-life images that bottle the emotional depth of the day and allow you to reflect on them for years to come. Like this:

If you get your videographer to do you a marryoke video, they’ll be missing these priceless, real-life moments while they’re busy filming your autie Maureen singing Pour Some Sugar on Me.

If a proper wedding video was a Sunday roast, a marryoke video would be a Big Mac. That’s how we see it anyway.

So if you think it’s right for you, go for it. But just think about this – what will be most meaningful to you when you view it in 30 years’ time?

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Matt’s a copywriter and blogger from West Sussex, England. He spends his days helping people simplify their writing and give their words more punch and personality. At weddings, Matt’s always quick to get up and dance, even when the vicar’s telling him to wait for the reception.


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