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Wedding costs – with a fancy infographic type thing

by | 5 August 2015 | Just for Fun

Shortly after we wrote about ways to reduce the cost of being a wedding guest, Sainsbury’s published a very interesting infographic that shows the average costs of a wedding.

Here are the bits that stood out most for us:

  • Couples spend, on average, more on their videographer (£767) than they do on the wedding dress (£749) – and that’s including alterations.
  • Food and drink comes out as comfortably the most expensive part of a wedding – averaging a whopping £2,665, which is more than venue costs (£595) and travel and accommodation (£2,025) combined.
  • If you live in Spain, being a wedding guest is expensive business. The average Spanish guest spends £218 on a gift alone. In the Netherlands, you’ll have an extra £160 to spend at the bar, because their average gift expenditure is just £58.
  • The UK rank in the lower-middle of the gift extravagance league table, spending an average of £94. Slightly less than the USA (£100) and slightly more than Belgium (£90).
Image courtesy of Sainsburys Money Matters

Image courtesy of Sainsburys Money Matters

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Just for Fun Wedding costs – with a fancy infographic type thing