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Wedding prep checklist (5/6): Two weeks to go

by 25 July 2015Planning

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Wahey. You’ve made it through endless months of unforgiving wedding planning. You can wave goodbye to updating spreadsheets, making decisions and calculating those pesky monthly budgets. But don’t put your feet up just yet. With only two weeks to go before the big day, now is the time to triple check that everything’s been signed and sealed so it’s ready for delivery.

Two weeks to go…

Reconfirm with your vendors

The venue, photographer, hairstylist, make-up artist, dressmakers, tailors… set aside some time to call all your vendors. Confirm dates, times, locations and contact numbers so, if any surprises do crop up, you know you’ve done everything possible on your side to avoid them.

When calling the caterers, give them final numbers and go over any special dietary requirements. We’d also recommend having your wedding cake delivered to your venue. And if there are any hiccups at this time, by all means pull the ‘I’m getting married in two weeks!’ card. But if it’s the result of your mistake, don’t blame others. Remember, tempers can easily flair when there’s a deadline in sight. So keep your cool. And if the shoe’s on the other foot and your vendor turns nasty, make sure you know how to deal with difficult vendors.

Italian tailored mens wedding suites

Tie up any loose ends

If you’re going abroad for your honeymoon – or wedding for that matter – don’t forget to sort out local currency before you go. (Find the best rates at If you still haven’t booked yours, what have you been doing? Check out our big four tips on booking a honeymoon then pack your bags and make sure you’ve left your destination details with a friend, in case of an emergency.

You’ll also need to pick up your wedding dress or suit (and find a secret space for it, away from your partner’s prying eyes). A good idea is to ask one of your family members or bridal party to store it at their house. And you should also start wearing in your new wedding shoes. With all that aisle-walking and macarena-ing, blisters would be enough to ruin anyone’s wedding day. So get them on and start shuffling around the house.

And, a pretty crucial job you definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY don’t want to forget: pick up your wedding rings. There’ll be no celebrations without them.

Honeymoon foreign currency travel money

Spruce yourself up

Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. And, although we’re firm believers of beauty being on the inside, it’s sometimes nice to get all spruced up. So, if hot wax, spray tans, French manicures, hair extensions, false lashes or teeth whitening will get you feeling amazing, get down to your local salon and let the beautifying commence. And if you’re having a spray tan, remember to leave enough time for it to soak in. We don’t want any suspicious brown marks on beautiful white fabric now, do we?

A word of warning to hot-headed brides (you know who you are): if there’s a problem at this stage – maybe you’re not happy with your lashes or the beautician over-waxed a certain area – don’t go too bridezilla on everyone’s ass.

A woman having her legs waxed

The finishing touches

If you’re writing your own vows and you’re yet to finish them, chop chop. Get them down on paper and start practicing. To help you along, here are ten tips on writing your wedding vows. And if you’re doing a speech, make sure you’ve typed up the final draft and run it by a few different people, to gauge how risque your jokes actually are. Then it’s a practice-makes-perfect situation where a mirror and mock microphone in the form of a hairbrush are entirely optional.

You’ll also need to finalise the detail-y bits you’re making by hand. First up, writing your place cards. While you’re doing this, you might notice there are more guests on your side than your partner’s. If that’s the case, it’s no biggie. Use this as a last-minute opportunity to mix up the seating plan for the evening celebrations, and ask some close friends to sit on your partner’s side during the ceremony.

Next up, wedding favours. If you’re putting yours together yourself, allow plenty of time to get them done. And if you’re still undecided whether favours are out of favour or not, our Matt’s got you covered.

And if you’re into traditions, there are two long-standing ones you might want to uphold. The first is to send a letter or a little gift to your partner before the ceremony starts. The second is to follow ye olde good-luck bridal rhyme and wear ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.‘ The items can be as obvious or subtle as you like. But to give you an idea, hairpins, decorative bows and jewellery are always good options. (And that last one is optional: mainly because sixpences are so hard to find nowadays!)

After the above to-dos are checked off your list, all that’s left is to prepare yourself for some unexpected, tear-jerking wedding day moments, and to make sure your friends are clued up on what not to say to you or your partner before your big day.

Let the countdown begin.

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