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Some of the UK’s unusual wedding venues

by | 20 June 2015 | Ceremony

Tradition and churches and aren’t for everyone, so with that in mind we’ve rounded up some of the more unusual wedding venues dotted around the UK for your viewing pleasure.

The Weird

Haunted Houses

A few weeks back I was talking about how weddings should reflect your relationship and how themed weddings can be pretty awesome. Well, if you love horror and halloween there is definitely a market for you.

Haunted houses around the UK are becoming an increasingly popular choice for young couples with a love for the macabre and they come in all forms – there’s Elvey Farm, which is situated in Pluckley, supposedly the most haunted village in England. There is the Walworth Castle Hotel which is well-renowned for its hauntings. And lastly, and possibly most unusually, there is the Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. Not exactly the most romantic spot, in my opinion, but who am I to judge?


This having been said, nothing quite says romance like a cave does, does it? Geologists and rock-lovers of all backgrounds should head to Wookey Hole or Kents Cavern for a beautiful but unusual setting for your wedding.

Alternatively you can head to the Caves and the Rowantree in Edinburgh which gives you the feel of a cave-like setting without removing you totally from civilisation.


If creepy caves and haunted houses don’t strike you as a particularly strong option for your wedding, perhaps you’d prefer something a little less dark and a touch more atmospheric? Aquariums have become a popular choice in recent years and with big name aquariums such as Blue Reef and the National Aquarium opening their doors to wedding couples who are we to stop sea-life-lovers from tying the knot with a few fishy witnesses?

The Wonderful

In the Sky

If you really want to show off you could always hire Marriage in the Sky, who are able to conduct weddings in the sky by virtue of their large cranes and multiple platforms for guests, musicians and filming crews.

So far the only publicised sky-wedding was held in Belgium, but they’ve announced that they would happily operate by Tower Bridge or the Grand Canyon if that’s what you wanted. I think this may be an option for those whose money knows no bounds. To cap it off you get to do a tandem bungee jump at the end of your ceremony. It certainly wouldn’t be a day you’d forget.



There is something quite ethereal and nostalgic about lighthouses and their locations usually offer up some impressive views. It may be slightly unorthodox but once your guests arrive they’ll surely understand the appeal and you’ll undoubtedly have beautiful wedding photos. Just head to the Rua Reidh Lighthouse or West Usk Lighthouse for more details.



If a light house is still a little too tame for you, and you’re looking for something a bit closer to nature, then The Lodge on Loch Goil, Scotland, is the place for you.

There are very few places in the world where you can have a treehouse wedding and as it sits on the shore of Loch Goil you will have stunning views to share with your partner and an intimate collection of guests. Just remember that a Summer wedding is probably your best option as Scotland is rather renowned for its cold weather. Ladies, be wary of men in kilts ascending the stairs before you.

Of course if Scotland is too cold for you, there are always the marginally warmer climes of Hampshire where the Countryside Education Trust hosts civil marriages and civil partnerships in the beautifully quaint landscape of the New Forest.

And the Wacky

Ice Bar

London’s Ice Bar is a novelty day trip for most, but as a wedding location? Well, you’d sooner find me on a beach any day, but if you don’t mind donning your thermal jacket rather than your wedding dress then by all means, check out the beautiful and excellent Ice Bar in the centre of London as an unusual wedding destination.


Bristol Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, Twycross Zoo and Drayton Manor Park all give you the option to get married on their premises. This seems like a fairly fun choice for those people that love animals, and lets face it, who doesn’t? It might not be the most beautiful (nor best smelling) of wedding locations, but it certainly has the unique factor.



Legally speaking there isn’t a festival in the UK that you can get married at, but you can have ceremonies – at Download Festival, the UK’s leading Rock and Metal festival, you can have a Hard Rock marriage in an inflatable chapel of love. Glastonbury, Britain’s most famous festival explicitly states that they cannot legally marry you on site but suggest that you go to Pilton Tithe Barn for a Glastonbury styled wedding – you can always don your wellies after the ceremony.

To be Continued

You can get married pretty much anywhere nowadays from below ground to well above the ground. There are so many interesting and inspiring places to get married that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one blog. We’ll undoubtedly be following this up again in the future, so perhaps you can share your experiences of less usual wedding locations in the comments section below.

Featured image courtesy of Marriage in the Sky


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  1. Sara Harrison

    Hi I’m having a very different wedding reception & even a spiritualists blessing. We r having our wedding reception at my husband to be old school hall. He never went on his prom as he didn’t have anyone to go with so this is his wedding night and prom night all rolled into one

  2. Paul Macklin

    Hello Sara, thank you for commenting on my blog post. I love that you’re taking something that is clearly very personal and making it your own – that is what your wedding should be about. Now you get to share a unique experience unlike any other wedding – that’s all part of what makes it such a special day. It belongs to you.

    I’d love to know how the wedding turns out; I’m especially interested in how you’ll be going from a spiritualist’s blessing to a prom themed wedding, perhaps you can let us know all about it after it happens?

    Congratulations and the best of luck,


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