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9 wedding day details you may not have thought of

by | 9 May 2015 | Couple

If, by the end of your wedding day, you can tell me that you didn’t forget anything, I reckon you’re fibbing. Even the most meticulous couple end up sitting down to sign their wedding certificate and realise that they’ll have to borrow the registrar’s Bic ball point.

Sometimes it won’t even cross your mind. When my cousin Vicky got married everyone was super excited to find out that there was a swimming pool at the venue. Sadly I never got the memo so ended up swimming in my boxer shorts. Which, in case you hadn’t guessed, isn’t ideal at a wedding. It’s even worse if you didn’t bring a towel.

The point is, it’ll be hard for you to think of everything, but we’re going to try and cover a few areas which frequently slip under the radar amidst all the decorations and food preparations.

It’s the little things

1. So you made sure that you had a detailed map and listed precise directions on your wedding invites? That’s cute. But I’m afraid you’re going to be getting calls all day from lost people. Your best bet is to delegate someone as a point of contact so that they can bear the brunt of relatives that never learnt to navigate.

2. You’ve undoubtedly prepared space and access for any disabled or elderly guests, right? But have you discussed it with the venue to make sure you have access to the disabled toilets? Last thing you want to be doing in the middle of your reception is looking for someone to unlock the disabled loo. It’s time-consuming for you and embarrassing for your guest.

3. I’m certain you’ve made your preparations for the night after the wedding. You know where you’re going and how you’re getting there. But who is taking home all the gifts and cards you’ve been given? Do you already have all your luggage with you ready to go? Did you lug that along with you in your wedding dress? Perhaps you need to consider a few extra logistics.

Taxi at night

Will everyone be able to get home?

4. Speaking of logistics, how’re the guests getting home? Okay, so you’re not supposed to be their baby sitter, but some might need it. Make the suggestion to those guests drinking that they should book a ride home, particularly if it is on a busy weekend night.

5. Do you know who is cleaning up after the reception? Do the venue clean up or are you required to leave the hall in a reasonable state? Surely you’re not going to do it? Time to delegate a few extra hands to the task of tidying up if necessary – they’ll likely be needing some bin-liners.

6. You know better than anyone what time of year you’ve booked your wedding, and you’re likely hoping for one type of weather or another, but what happens if those plans fall through? If it rains on the day? In the days leading up to the wedding you can make the suggestion to your guests that they equip themselves appropriately for the weather in the forecast. Are wellies okay at your wedding? Well, if you met at Glastonbury, maybe that works well!

7. Don’t waste food. You’ve paid for it after all, see if you can bring along some tuppaware containers for any leftovers.

Too much food

What will you do with leftover food?

8. EAT before the wedding. Don’t starve yourself, especially if you have a late afternoon wedding. You’ll end up getting to the ceremony and feeling even more light-headed than you should do. Keep your sugar levels up, you’re going to be feeling a lot of emotions and adrenalin so you’ll need your energy.

9. Do you know what you’re doing? I don’t mean that in a scary “why am I getting married?” sort of way, but rather, do you know what you need to do on the day? Chances are you’ve been worried about how things look and what other people have to do. Have you taken a moment to think about what you actually need to do on the day? Take a deep breath…

…and go with the flow.

You know what? It doesn’t matter. Not really. If you don’t think of it, someone else will, and this is one of the only occasions you’ve got to be a little lazy. It’s your day after all, and while the colour of your seat covers might have seemed important at one time, all that matters on the day is you, your friends, family and your significant other. Things will go wrong, but with any luck, they will be such small things that you won’t even care.

If you’re a newly-wed and feel like you’ve got a good idea of some wedding day details you missed out on, why not share those in the comments below and help other nearly-weds make their day perfect.

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Couple 9 wedding day details you may not have thought of