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Winter weddings – why the heck not?

by | 17 January 2015 | Planning

Winter weddings are growing in popularity. They have been for some time. The question though isn’t so much ‘why?’ as ‘why did it take so long?’ There are so many reasons to love a winter wedding.

Let’s take a minute to list the main reasons it’s supposedly better to get married in summer:

  • The weather is warm and sunny
  • The days are longer
  • Everyone else does

Now then. If you’re getting married in the UK, then the warm and sunny weather is hardly a slam-dunk certainty. The longer days might suit your photographer, but to everyone else it makes little difference. If anything, the lingering daylight will just hinder the party atmosphere at your reception because, let’s be honest, everyone feels like a bit of a degenerate getting drunk in broad daylight.

So how about a winter wedding?

Let’s have a look at the things you stand to gain by bucking the trend:

It’s cheaper and easier to organise

The cash-saving credentials of winter weddings aren’t quite as drastic as they once were. But it’s still a factor and dealing with venues and vendors out of season can be a breeze.

In the winter months, your ideal venue is much more likely to be available on your ideal day and is likely to be less expensive. Also, vendors aren’t juggling a million customers at once, so they’re likely to devote much more time and attention to you (and be more receptive to some cheeky haggling).

It’s great for guests

If you get married in late summer, half your guests have already been to a bunch of weddings in the last few months – most of which have been samey and a bit boring (the weddings, not your guests).

Get married in winter and it’s something for your guests to really look forward to. Really, how much good stuff is happening in October, November, January and February?

Doing something a bit different makes your wedding much more likely to be memorable too. Plus far fewer of your guests will be on holiday, at music festivals or stricken with severe sunburn or heatstroke.

Do it right and it’ll be more romantic

Winter is fundamentally more romantic than summer. If you choose your venues and decor right, you can give your wedding a really cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Clothing becomes more cosy and less cumbersome

Put simply: everyone will sweat less.

This is something the fellas will appreciate. Walking around in three or more layers in the height of summer is a standard wedding day inconvenience. Get married in winter and the gents’ attire is suddenly much more suitable.

As for the ladies, there’s so much more you can do with winter wedding wear. Hats, scarves, gloves and such become more necessities than accessories.

You have some charming ready-made colour schemes

Spring and summer don’t really lend much influence to the colours and decorations of summer weddings (aside from the flowers of course). In winter though, pre-new-year and post-new-year have totally different aesthetics.

In October and November you can embrace the charming, rustic combinations of oranges, browns and yellows for a fully autumnal style wedding. Or in January and February you can base your style on a clean, elegant winter white.

Either way, it’s nice and easy to tie it all together with your stationery, flowers, favours and such.

But beware the Christmas wedding

Christmas weddings are a different prospect entirely. You’ll still get a lot of the plus points we’ve already mentioned (romance, clothing, colour schemes), but organising a wedding for Christmas time can be just as competitive and expensive (if not more so) than a summer wedding.

But practicalities aside…

The number one reason to get married in winter? To be different.

The individual things we’ve listed are what make a winter wedding worth considering. Once you start considering it though, it usually comes down to your personality.

A winter wedding will appeal to you if you’re a rebel. A freestyler.

If you like to do things a bit different, mix it up, go against the grain, buck the trend and swim upstream like a majestic salmon, you probably won’t need much convincing.

Have you been to (or had) a winter wedding? Let us know how it was and if you’d recommend it.

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Matt’s a copywriter and blogger from West Sussex, England. He spends his days helping people simplify their writing and give their words more punch and personality. At weddings, Matt’s always quick to get up and dance, even when the vicar’s telling him to wait for the reception.



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Planning Winter weddings – why the heck not?