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Which anniversary do you celebrate after you’re married?

by | 29 November 2014 | Couple

So you’re married. Congratulations! And now that you’ve got years of marriage to look forward to, you have one burning question on your mind. It’s pretty complicated actually – which anniversary do you celebrate now?

If you’ve been together some time, you might have become quite familiar with celebrating your anniversary on the date you first met, or perhaps the date of your first kiss. Or maybe even the date of your first date. Even that was complicated. But now that you’re married, isn’t that the date you should be celebrating? Shouldn’t you forget about first kisses and dates and engagements? Isn’t it all about the big day?

Your Relationship, Your Rules

We fully condone the idea of celebrating everything. Life is there to be lived afterall. So why not celebrate each and every one of those events? Why not remember the day you first met? Why not relive your first date? Why not recreate your first kiss? There are no rules saying that you can’t. At the end of the day you make your own rules.

Of course, you could make the whole deal a lot easier by just having your wedding on the same day that you started dating, wouldn’t that be a lot easier? Okay, you’re right, that’s not always practical.

It is, of course, traditional for you to celebrate your anniversary on the date of your wedding. This is how most people do it (and that’s how other’s will celebrate your anniversary). Some even follow the rules on what types of gift you ought to buy for one another as the years go by. But, if you’re not really too sure about celebrating your wedding rather than the day you met each other, you don’t have to do it that way.

Your Memories

If we’re being perfectly honest, we can’t think of many reasons why you wouldn’t want to honour your wedding day every year, remembering just what it means to you both. But then we aren’t you. You, as a couple, know what you’re about, as a couple.

If, for example, the day you met one another simply must be remembered every year because it was undeniably the single most life-changing event of your lives together, nobody is going to hold it against you.

This isn’t to say that you won’t receive a load of anniversary cards every year on your wedding anniversary, because, quite frankly, it’s hard to break people out of tradition. But in some ways, that might make celebrating the day you met even more special – because it’s all about the both of you.

It is inevitably the case that you will receive a plethora of cards celebrating your anniversary every year following your wedding, but it is ultimately your memories that will guide you to any additional celebrations you might choose to throw into the mix.

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  1. Kristen J. Scott, Day-of Wedding Coordinator

    My husband and I are not real sentimentalists; however the one date that we’ve really attached ourselves to was the day he proposed to me. After all, that’s when we committed to a lifetime together. It was monumental for us and we continue to celebrate that day each and every year of our 28 years of marriage!

Couple Which anniversary do you celebrate after you’re married?