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Wedding Guest Style SS17

Wedding season is officially upon us, and while you might be looking forward to a summer of eternal soirées, the stress soon comes when it’s time to decide what to wear. So to give you plenty of inspiration for the season, we’ve brought together some of the best in wedding guest style for spring/summer 2017.

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1940s – Eras of inspiration

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Eras of inspiration

Even WWII rations couldn’t stop the trailblazing style of the 1940s. Christian Dior debuted with his ‘new look’, waists were cinched in, skirts got shorter and the feminine silhouette prevailed. Give your wedding a touch of the simple but chic 40s aesthetic with a few of our vintage wedding tips.

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Lost loved ones: 5 heartfelt ways to honour them

Losing loved ones is hard. And not having them at your wedding hurts. So we’ve put together 5 heartfelt ways to honour lost loved ones on your wedding day.

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Winter Wedding Inspiration

What could be more romantic than a dreamy winter wedding? The sun may be starting to shine outside, but we’ve been getting lost in some festive winter wonderlands. We’ve put together three mood boards to help you get into the spirit if you’re planning your big day for the winter.

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Wedding day duties: Fathers of the Bride and Groom

The father of the bride usually has very different duties to the father of the groom. Let’s have a look at how and why there’s such a difference.

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Elopement: handling emotions and wording invitations

How do you handle the backlash of emotions that come with eloping? And how do you word the invitations to a post-elopement celebration? We reveal all.

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