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5 More inspirational themed wedding ideas

For better or for worse, much like man-buns, themed weddings are in. In fact, we had a brief chat about them not too long ago (themed weddings that is, not man-buns), but like a pair of newly weds shacked up away from the sun, apparently you just couldn’t get enough. So I put on my thinking cap and I put together five more (hopefully) inspirational themed wedding ideas of my own to set your own imaginations in motion.

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Popup judgement: do wedding photographers need to be fed?

Brides magazine got some Twitter hate this month after saying wedding photographers don’t need to be fed. So let’s grab our wigs and hammers and make a judgement.

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Wedding night hanky panky

Weddings are the source of much creative imagination – in one way or another, bride or groom, we all envisage our wedding day in a very specific way. we all have expectations. Of course one expectation that is (somewhat strangely) shared by everyone is that the marriage must be consummated with a bit of hanky panky.

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Music for non-religious wedding ceremonies

It can be surprisingly difficult to find good wedding music, even when you can choose, well, anything. Here’s some tips to steer you in the right direction.

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Best man masterclass (2/2): the perfect speech

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Best man masterclass

In part two of our ‘best man masterclass’, our three experts give you all the knowhow you need to write and deliver the perfect best man’s speech.

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Dressing for a destination wedding

I got married in Thailand. In April. It was very, very hot. So I can tell you that getting married abroad is not like getting married at home. It totally alters how you should approach your wedding, not least of which being how you, your spouse, and your guests dress.

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