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Mind the bump: advice for pregnant brides

Being a pregnant bride makes a big difference to some wedding day practicalities. So we got some wisdom from our friends who’ve been there, done that.

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How to avoid divorcee drama at your wedding

For some, a wedding can be the first time everyone’s been in the same room together since a bitter divorce split the family in two. Here’s how to handle it.

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Top 5 games to play at your wedding reception

Spice up your wedding reception with some fun games. You need to make them properly fun though. And a bit mischievous. Here are our top 5 suggestions.

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Wedding hair trends for 2016

Whether you want a classic chignon or free flowing bohemian tresses, we’ve got the hair inspiration for you. We’ve given you our top ten tips for beautiful bridal hair, so here are our top wedding hair trends for 2016.

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Disabled wedding considerations

Whether you are disabled yourself or you have disabled guests to consider, the challenges of a wheelchair-friendly wedding are not insurmountable. They just require a little bit of… creativity. And speaking generally, a little bit of creativity never hurts when it comes to a wedding.

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A man’s advice for breastfeeding brides and bridesmaids

I’m a man. I know nothing about the challenges of breastfeeding. So I’m going to give you some advice about breastfeeding.

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