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Wedding Guest Style SS17

Wedding season is officially upon us, and while you might be looking forward to a summer of eternal soirées, the stress soon comes when it’s time to decide what to wear. So to give you plenty of inspiration for the season, we’ve brought together some of the best in wedding guest style for spring/summer 2017.

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Lost loved ones: 5 heartfelt ways to honour them

Losing loved ones is hard. And not having them at your wedding hurts. So we’ve put together 5 heartfelt ways to honour lost loved ones on your wedding day.

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The Best Man Diaries – Alex (6/6)

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Best man diaries

There are few honours in life more highly valued than the chance to be someone’s best man. It is an honour bestowed upon someone after serious thought. It is an honour bestowed upon someone trustworthy, organised, and mature. So imagine my surprise when my best friend asked me.

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5 ways mothers of the bride and groom duties have changed

In the modern-day wedding, tradition tends to take a back seat. But how does this affect the traditional duties of the mothers of the bride and groom?

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Keeping calm on your wedding day – our top 10 tips

Butterflies, anxiety, nerves – we know it all comes with the territory when you’re getting married; the big day is enough to rattle even the strongest of stomachs. So read on, and set yourself up for a day without all the nerve-wracking stress, and enjoy the perfect start to wedded bliss…

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When a wedding day goes wrong (and how to deal with it)

Wedding day disasters can end up as lifelong regrets or hilarious anecdotes. It all depends on how well you prepare how quickly you can improvise.

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