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Looking forward to your honeymoon more than your wedding?

Your wedding’s coming up and you’re excited. But you’re far more excited about it all being over and jetting off on your honeymoon. Is that so bad?

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Reception back home when you marry abroad?

If you’re having a destination wedding, should you throw a fancy reception at home, despite the naysayers’ glares? Or do you go low key with a casual party?

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Ungrateful newlyweds

We’ve been reading some horror stories about ungrateful newlyweds. But what qualifies? Is it always ungrateful to be disappointed by a gift, whatever it is?

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Seven sultry wedding night gifts – wink wink!

So we’ve chatted about wedding night hanky panky, and now we need to discuss the notorious wedding night gift. If you’re keen to show your new husband or wife what married life is all about, we’ve got a few cheeky suggestions for the perfect present.

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The Wedding Blues (2/2): three couples’ experiences

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Wedding Blues

The wedding blues can hit you any which way. So we talked to three couples about how they felt after their big day.

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Wedding night hanky panky

Weddings are the source of much creative imagination – in one way or another, bride or groom, we all envisage our wedding day in a very specific way. we all have expectations. Of course one expectation that is (somewhat strangely) shared by everyone is that the marriage must be consummated with a bit of hanky panky.

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