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‘No ring, no bring’ wedding rule – Pros & cons

The ‘no ring, no bring’ wedding rule was good enough for Pippa Middleton. But does it suggest relationships are only valid if they’re sealed with marriage?

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Stag and hen dos: when does harmless mischief become genuine betrayal?

Everyone likes to get a bit wild on their stag or hen do. But where do we draw the line between harmless debauchery and something more deceitful?

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Announcement: Two new themes for summer 2017

Summer is traditionally wedding season, and to celebrate we’ve added two new themes, each in three colours for your Popup Weddings website.

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Dealing with conflicting wedding dates

As we grow up and our friends start to get married and have babies, event clashes are inevitable. So we’ve got some tips on dealing with conflicting events on the same day as your own or a friend’s wedding.

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1940s – Eras of inspiration

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Eras of inspiration

Even WWII rations couldn’t stop the trailblazing style of the 1940s. Christian Dior debuted with his ‘new look’, waists were cinched in, skirts got shorter and the feminine silhouette prevailed. Give your wedding a touch of the simple but chic 40s aesthetic with a few of our vintage wedding tips.

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Winter Wedding Inspiration

What could be more romantic than a dreamy winter wedding? The sun may be starting to shine outside, but we’ve been getting lost in some festive winter wonderlands. We’ve put together three mood boards to help you get into the spirit if you’re planning your big day for the winter.

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