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The UK’s prestigious wedding venues

More and more people are opting for weddings abroad, but whilst a beautiful beach wedding sounds idyllic, it’s tough for all your guests to make it – so we must turn our attention back to stunning locations within the UK.
Since the 1994 marriage act premises around the UK have been getting their license to perform marriages and this has resulted in some beautiful, if unexpected, wedding venues. So let’s have a look below at wedding venues of the prestigious, the peculiar and the practical.

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How have weddings changed and (arguably) been hijacked?

We’ve been reading up on the history of weddings and marriages. And it’s left us wondering if the ‘institution’ of marriage is at an all time low.

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On the eve of your wedding: the logistics

Not so long ago the logistics for the eve of your wedding would not have been much hassle. It was a given that each of you would stay with your respective families and that was that. But that was back when people didn’t live together until they were married, nowadays all pretence is out of the window. Frankly, it is unusual for people not to live together before their wedding. And this can, on occasion, mean that you have to do a little bit of extra planning before the big day.

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Two cultures, one wedding

Incorporating two different cultures into one wedding day can be tricky. But it isn’t impossible.

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We have some concerns about marryoke

Marryoke is great fun for all the family and gets you an amusing music video to cherish. Sounds great, but this is one novelty train we won’t be boarding.

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Grooms’ fashion trends for 2015

Women have endless information at their fingertips when it comes to choosing their wedding dress, but what about the men? Once forgotten amid a trail of white satin, silk and tulle, the groom’s get-up is now just as important as the bridal gown. From classic to creative, here are a few of our favourite formal menswear trends setting the tone for weddings this year.

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