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Self-Marriage: it sounds like a silly idea, but why?

The growing trend for ‘self-marriage’ sounds like one big millennial narcissism party. But it’s surprisingly hard to criticise. Is it actually a good idea?

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Wedding gadgets: The good, the bad, and the ‘wait…has this been invented yet?’

We’ve been checking out all the best new kinds of wedding-based tech. There are a few useful gadgets out there. But overall, we’re far from impressed.

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Wedding etiquette for parents – the do’s and don’ts

Wedding traditions aren’t so rigid nowadays. For parents, it’s hard to know what your role is. So here’s a parental guide on navigating a modern-day wedding

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Engagement rings: Should men wear them?

Men wearing engagement rings is pretty rare, but it’s gradually becoming less so. Is this just a fad we should do away with? Or is there some merit to it?

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Millennial weddings: Do you fit the stereotype?

Most people getting married now are of the much-scrutinised ‘millennial’ generation. And the wedding industry has a clear idea of what this generation is.

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Announcement: Two new themes for summer 2017

Summer is traditionally wedding season, and to celebrate we’ve added two new themes, each in three colours for your Popup Weddings website.

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