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6 ways to get the best out of your wedding vendors

How you interact with your wedding vendors can help or hinder their work. So it’s worth thinking about the best ways to help them help you.

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The UK’s prestigious wedding venues

More and more people are opting for weddings abroad, but whilst a beautiful beach wedding sounds idyllic, it’s tough for all your guests to make it – so we must turn our attention back to stunning locations within the UK.
Since the 1994 marriage act premises around the UK have been getting their license to perform marriages and this has resulted in some beautiful, if unexpected, wedding venues. So let’s have a look below at wedding venues of the prestigious, the peculiar and the practical.

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Wedding scrapbooks and keepsakes – Bottling the magic

In many years’ time, what will bring the magical emotions of your wedding day flooding back? Here’s a quick guide to wedding scrapbooks and keepsakes.

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Some of the UK’s unusual wedding venues

Tradition and churches and aren’t for everyone, so with that in mind we’ve rounded up some of the more unusual wedding venues dotted around the UK for your viewing pleasure.

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Plug in your wedding: Encourage mobile phones

Social media’s a hugely popular way to socialise. And it’s now becoming an integral part of the modern-day wedding. But does it hinder real conversation? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and whatever other form of social media you can think of, on your wedding day.

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Getting married for the first time but your partner isn’t?

The ominous ‘they’ say that your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. This can often add to the mounting pressure of preparations in the days leading up to that moment when you finally say ‘I do’. It isn’t uncommon for couples to be nervous, but some have more reason than others.

If you’re getting married for the first time but your partner is making their sophomore appearance at the altar, you may feel like you have some cause for concern. The truth is, they are likely feeling very similar pressures for very similar reasons. Here are a few thoughts that might be running through your head and why you shouldn’t be having them, or how you can stop them.

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