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9 marriage advice tips from a divorcee

Who better to offer marriage advice than a divorcee themselves. So this week, we’ve gathered 9 essential marriage tips for you and your spouse.

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What will the first year of marriage really be like?

Is the first year of marriage really that tough? Or is it a notion that’s stuck around from the olden days when couples didn’t live together until they were husband and wife?

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Over 1.5 million Britons to travel to weddings abroad

Results of a recent ABTA survey reveal that over 1.5 million Britons will travel abroad in 2014 for weddings and names top destinations and tips for travellers.

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Express lists top wedding facts for Marriage Week

Friday is Valentine’s Day and to celebrate Marriage Week the Express has posted their top 10 facts about marriage as part of their regular ‘top 10 facts’ posts on their website. They even unwittingly throw in a freebie before they even get started.

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Marriage Week UK Aims to Beat World Record

Today kicks off Marriage Week UK from 7th to 14th February 2014. The BIG Promise, an initiative seeking to encourage and support couples in their marriages is making a World Record attempt for the most couples re-affirming their vows on Saturday 8th February at... read more
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