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5 ways mothers of the bride and groom duties have changed

In the modern-day wedding, tradition tends to take a back seat. But how does this affect the traditional duties of the mothers of the bride and groom?

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Keeping calm on your wedding day – our top 10 tips

Butterflies, anxiety, nerves – we know it all comes with the territory when you’re getting married; the big day is enough to rattle even the strongest of stomachs. So read on, and set yourself up for a day without all the nerve-wracking stress, and enjoy the perfect start to wedded bliss…

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7 things you could customise for your wedding

There are countless ways to personalise your wedding. But what about ways you could customise it? Behold, 7 utterly inspiring ideas for tailor-made favours and keepsakes

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10 tips for wedding dress shopping

So you’ve found ‘the one’ but now you have to find the other ‘one’. Yes, we are talking about the wedding dress, and finding the perfect one is certainly no mean feat. So take a deep breath, and before you go rummaging around the bridal boutiques equip yourself with our ten tips for wedding dress shopping.

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7 tips on packing for your honeymoon

Oh, the honeymoon. When the stress of getting married is finally waning, at long last you get your first holiday as a married couple. Hopefully you are jetting off somewhere spectacular, and hopefully, you are planning lots of alone time. So make sure you keep the holiday as stress-free as possible and take a look at our ultimate guide to packing for your honeymoon.

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Traditions in today’s weddings: turning 5 of them on their head

As our culture and attitudes become more liberal(ish) – and our relationship with the internet grows we’re getting less attached to upholding the traditional trappings of the Western wedding.

So this week, we’ve taken some typical wedding-day traditions and practices and explored how the modern-day wedding has put a controversial spin on them.

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