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Where to get married in the UK

If you think about it, getting married is a funny old thing. Good wedding locations aren’t easy to find. Depending on what you want, wedding locations can come in all shapes and sizes, do you want a church or a hotel?

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Two years of gay marriage in the UK: how’s it going?

It’s been two years since gay marriage became legal in the UK and Wales. So let’s tank about how marriage equality is turning out, and why.

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What’s the point in getting married?

Is there a point in marriage? No? What if I told you it’d save you money? Join me as I look at both the emotional AND practical perks of tying the knot

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Arranged marriages: can they work?

Arranged marriages are a cultural phenomenon – what do you think of them, can they work and can they last?

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When you get married, should you change your name?

Whether you keep your birth name, or double-barrel or merge your name with your spouse, there’s no wrong or right answer. It’s just a question of preference.

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Having a wedding abroad

If you’re reading this it’s likely I’m riding an Elephant through the jungle, or relaxing on a South East Asian beach sipping on a Pina Colada (or some significantly more manly drink). You see, two days ago my fiancée, well, she became my wife and I became her husband. And now we’re enjoying the great Thai outdoors on what you can either describe as a continuation of our wedding celebrations, or simply, our honeymoon. That’s right. We got married abroad.

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