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Living and working together: three couples’ insights

Being married is fun and challenging, all at the same time. Yet some couples take the challenge to the next level by living and working together. In this article, we meet three couples that are doing just that.

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Hearing from couples who married abroad

As travel becomes more accessible to the masses we’re seeing a huge influx of weddings heading overseas – after all, why get married in drizzly old England when some of the world’s most exciting wedding destinations are just a few hours flight away? Especially when you do the math – a wedding on domestic soil is likely to cost you an average of four times as much as one overseas, so the real question is why would anyone get married at home? Well, I’ve asked around a little and the results are, well, pretty obvious really.

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The Big ‘What Next?’

Left reeling on your return from a perfect honeymoon, you can be forgiven for feeling a touch of the post-wedding blues. Everything about the last couple of weeks have been perfect. You’ve gone from dressing up, surrounded by your friends, eating and dancing and bathing in the sun to sitting on the couch watching re-runs of friends and dreading the return to work. A little melancholy is understandable – something like a wedding is huge and has taken up such a large portion of your life that without it occupying your mind, you can quickly become consumed by the nothingness in its place. You need a plan. You need to know what’s next.

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Dressing for a destination wedding

I got married in Thailand. In April. It was very, very hot. So I can tell you that getting married abroad is not like getting married at home. It totally alters how you should approach your wedding, not least of which being how you, your spouse, and your guests dress.

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Best man masterclass (1/2): quick and simple tips

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Best man masterclass

Nervous about being best man? Fear not. Here’s some quick tips from our experts – three men who’ve been best man at eight different weddings between them.

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Wedding prep checklist (2/6): One year to go

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Wedding prep checklist

After the excitement of getting engaged comes the ‘How the heck do I start prepping for my wedding’ stage. But fret not. We’ve gotta checklist for that.

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