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hen & stag

Inviting friends to the hen/stag party but not the wedding?

If you’re inviting friends to your hen/stag but not your wedding, how can you avoid any bad feelings and neutralise any testing reactions that might occur?

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6 more clean and fun stag do ideas

Sometimes the typical boozy stag do doesn’t fit for a particular group of stags. Luckily, there’s still lots of clean and fun choices for a great stag do.

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Should We Have a Sten Party?

Raucous nights of drunken debauchery, enough cosmo to drown in and perhaps a misguided sexual encounter with a lady boy – what’s not to love about the age old tradition of the stag and hen party?

Okay, so not all parties quite follow the same dangerous pattern of Hollywood’s Hangover films, but we wouldn’t mind betting that it isn’t all hyperbole. Well, maybe the bit where they stole Mike Tyson’s tiger.

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