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Children at weddings

Do children even belong at weddings? As with many of the decisions you make in the lead up to your big day, the choice is a personal one. Some people clearly feel as though weddings are an adult event (and the large quantities of booze consumed would substantiate those claims) but then there are others who consider the big day a family occasion, designed for everyone to be a part of.

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Wedding websites: much more than a digital invitation

A wedding website is exactly what it says it is – an online space where engaged couples can share details of their big day with guests. But don’t go mistaking it for a mere digital invitation. It’s so much more than that.

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How to take interesting wedding photos

Most wedding guests take the same old, vanilla photos. We spoke to wedding photographer Sam Reed to get a crash course in taking creative wedding snaps.

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How to deal with more guests on one side

Unless you plan to elope, and are therefore able to avoid the ever-expectant gaze of relatives and close friends, you are unlikely to find the perfect balance in fulfilling the expectations of both guests of the bride and of the groom. In fact, imbalance at the wedding could well be a template for things to come – perhaps the groom is a single child, solitary type with a handful of very close friends whilst the bride is… well, Greek.

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Dealing with smoking and drinking

Whilst not everyone relishes the idea of a wedding ceremony, more often than not people enjoy the idea of going to a wedding reception because it is just another reason to party. Of course, copious amounts of alcohol and a demographic of smokers is practically synonymous with partying, so a wedding reception naturally runs the risk of drunken behaviour and enough smoke to make people wonder where the fire is at.

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What -not- to say to the happy couple before their big day

The last thing nearlyweds need are unnecessary, antagonising comments. So here are six things NOT to say when it comes to your friend’s wedding.

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