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Disabled wedding considerations

Whether you are disabled yourself or you have disabled guests to consider, the challenges of a wheelchair-friendly wedding are not insurmountable. They just require a little bit of… creativity. And speaking generally, a little bit of creativity never hurts when it comes to a wedding.

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Inviting friends to the hen/stag party but not the wedding?

If you’re inviting friends to your hen/stag but not your wedding, how can you avoid any bad feelings and neutralise any testing reactions that might occur?

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What’s the etiquette at a ‘no gifts please’ wedding?

More and more couples are stating ‘no gifts please’ on their wedding invitations. But how do you read this situation?

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5 top tips on deciding who makes the guest-list cut

If you thought choosing your guest list was as exciting as choosing the venue, cake and dress, think again. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with five top tips.

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Wedding guests: how to keep down the cost

Been invited to a lavish wedding but you’re deep into your overdraft? Here are some good ways to be a wedding guest without emptying your current account.

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Plug in your wedding: Encourage mobile phones

Social media’s a hugely popular way to socialise. And it’s now becoming an integral part of the modern-day wedding. But does it hinder real conversation? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and whatever other form of social media you can think of, on your wedding day.

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