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Bridesmaids dress trends

Bridesmaids have long been plagued with the curse of the bad dress. And having been one myself no less than seven times, I’ve had my fair share of dresses, from the dreamy to the downright disastrous.

Read on for some of the latest bridesmaids dress trends, and please – in the name of everything your nuptials stand for – give your bridesmaids something pretty to wear.

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10 tips for wedding dress shopping

So you’ve found ‘the one’ but now you have to find the other ‘one’. Yes, we are talking about the wedding dress, and finding the perfect one is certainly no mean feat. So take a deep breath, and before you go rummaging around the bridal boutiques equip yourself with our ten tips for wedding dress shopping.

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Which wedding dress shape will suit you?

You might know the latest bridal trends, but do you know which ones suit you? Wedding dress shopping can be exciting, stressful and daunting all at the same time. So here is our handy guide to wedding dress shapes, so you can be ultra prepared for hunting down that gown…

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Wedding dresses for 2016

This season’s wedding dresses have arrived amidst a flurry of florals and lace. 2016 is certainly the time for the statement bride, with plenty of sensual and ethereal gowns seen on the wedding runways. Take a look at what’s in store for this year’s brides.

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Must my wedding dress be white?

It’s that time the of year where Bing Crosby reminisces soulfully about the weather, and I find myself wondering just why we consider Christmas a traditionally snowy season. Over my 27 Christmases I can only attest to experiencing one Christmas that was mildly snowy, and being as my flight was cancelled on account of the snow, I didn’t find it particularly festive.

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What to do with your wedding dress after the ‘I dos’

Think twice before shoving your wedding dress into a dark corner of the attic. Make the most of your dress and be inspired by these four tips.

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