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Things You Need to Know about Eloping

Love isn’t always orthodox. You can’t schedule it, you can’t plan for it, sometimes you can’t even decide if you’re in it. That’s love. It’s complicated and it’s messy and it’s even worse when other people stick their noses into it. That’s why more and more people are throwing caution to the wind and, spontaneously or otherwise, eloping.

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Conversations to Avoid on the Wedding Day

A couple of months ago, our very own Jo provided us with a rather comprehensive guide to things that we should probably avoid saying to the bride or groom in the lead up to their wedding. But just because you’ve avoided saying a few things in the weeks prior to the big day doesn’t mean you can suddenly blurt out your feelings on certain matters straight after the ceremony. Understandably, having just got married, the couple probably aren’t fully prepared to hear your thoughts on how you would have ‘done it differently.’

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Dealing with smoking and drinking

Whilst not everyone relishes the idea of a wedding ceremony, more often than not people enjoy the idea of going to a wedding reception because it is just another reason to party. Of course, copious amounts of alcohol and a demographic of smokers is practically synonymous with partying, so a wedding reception naturally runs the risk of drunken behaviour and enough smoke to make people wonder where the fire is at.

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What -not- to say to the happy couple before their big day

The last thing nearlyweds need are unnecessary, antagonising comments. So here are six things NOT to say when it comes to your friend’s wedding.

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Mates-rates. Are they worth the hassle?

You can save a lot of money by getting your friends to help out with your wedding, instead of hiring a pro. But mates rates can come with significant risk.

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Dates to avoid for your wedding

Are there really that many dates to avoid for your wedding? We got our calculators out to see what was left after we ruled out ALL the things that you don’t want to clash with.

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