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Can you have a ‘no sugar’ wedding?

With sugar being the new fat, can we ever enjoy sweet treats again, especially on our wedding? Laura Wheeler from Peppermint Kitchen gives a baker’s insight

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Unprofessional vendors: a customer-service announcement

We’ve heard all about ‘bridezillas’. But what if the shoe’s on the other foot? This week a ‘bad vendor’ case in the national press raises an important reminder for all our wedding vendors out there.

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Top 5 games to play at your wedding reception

Spice up your wedding reception with some fun games. You need to make them properly fun though. And a bit mischievous. Here are our top 5 suggestions.

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Proposal to wedding vows in just eight weeks. But how?

If a short-term wedding fills you with an overwhelming sense of dread, you’re not the only one. But it’s not impossible. Stacy and Kevin prove it.

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How do I get sponsors for my wedding?

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Sponsored weddings

Popup Weddings meets the couple who are paying for their entire wedding with sponsorship, but without a single ad at their ceremony or reception. Seriously.

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DIY weddings vs. hiring a wedding planner: two real stories

Get the low down from two couples about their big days. One hired a wedding planner and the other did it all themselves.

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