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10 wedding words that make you say: ‘what the hell?’

“Err.. you want me to throw my boot in the air?” – how fancy wedding words like ‘Boutonniere’ can cause you confusion while planning your big day.

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Gay marriage: suddenly so many options

In March, 2014, gay marriage will finally become available in England and Wales. Let’s take a look at the new matrimonial options for same-sex couples.

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Marriage on a micro-budget

When some people hear the word ‘wedding’ they don’t think of a white dress, a blushing bride, silly, sentimental speeches and a tower of diabetes-imbued cake. They think of the bank-busting five-figure number that comes along with it.

But it doesn’t need to be five figures. It doesn’t even need to be four. You can plan a wedding for under a grand and it can still be beautiful and unique.

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