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The Best Man Diaries (1/6)

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Best man diaries

With so many weddings and stag parties over the next few months, it seems only logical that I should share my experiences with you, so I welcome you to the Best Man Diaries, where I will chronicle everything from Best Man duties, expectations, experiences, and of course, most importantly, the stag parties. Oh yeah, I might even mention the weddings.

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Best man masterclass (2/2): the perfect speech

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Best man masterclass

In part two of our ‘best man masterclass’, our three experts give you all the knowhow you need to write and deliver the perfect best man’s speech.

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Best man masterclass (1/2): quick and simple tips

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Best man masterclass

Nervous about being best man? Fear not. Here’s some quick tips from our experts – three men who’ve been best man at eight different weddings between them.

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Can you have more than one best man?

If, after reading my article on choosing a best man from a couple of weeks back, you still can’t decide which of your male counterparts would be the best to bestow the honour of best man upon, you may just be thinking ‘is it really so bad to have more than one best man?’

I want to explore some of the pros and cons of choosing two “best men”, which will hopefully inspire you to make the choice that best suits you and your wedding.

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Choosing a Best Man

The relationship between a groom and his best man is special, but some grooms find it quite hard to decide which member of their motley crew is best suited for the role. If you’re not someone that has an obvious ‘bromance’ flowering, you may want to consider more practical reasoning behind your choice.

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Dealing with smoking and drinking

Whilst not everyone relishes the idea of a wedding ceremony, more often than not people enjoy the idea of going to a wedding reception because it is just another reason to party. Of course, copious amounts of alcohol and a demographic of smokers is practically synonymous with partying, so a wedding reception naturally runs the risk of drunken behaviour and enough smoke to make people wonder where the fire is at.

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