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before the day

What to ask your vendors

Your wedding day can’t go ahead without the help of outsiders: everyone from dressmakers and florists, to DJs and venue managers. But to make your big day the best it can be for the lowest price possible, you’ve got to be prepared to ask your vendors what they... read more

DIY weddings vs. hiring a wedding planner: two real stories

Get the low down from two couples about their big days. One hired a wedding planner and the other did it all themselves.

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DIY weddings vs. hiring a wedding planner: the pros and cons

You’re engaged. You’ve set a date. Now all you’ve got to do is plan the big day. But do you hire a wedding planner or do it yourself. Here are the pros and cons for both.

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Prenuptial agreements: self preservation or romantic suicide?

Nothing says ‘I don’t believe in fairy tale endings’ quite as quickly as the words ‘prenuptial agreement’. So when you’ve been enjoying a romantic engagement of candlelit dinners and dates to the theatre, the flutter of butterflies in your stomach and nights of uncontrollable ardency, prenuptial agreements may not seem like the most obvious discussion before the big day.

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Marriage on a micro-budget

When some people hear the word ‘wedding’ they don’t think of a white dress, a blushing bride, silly, sentimental speeches and a tower of diabetes-imbued cake. They think of the bank-busting five-figure number that comes along with it.

But it doesn’t need to be five figures. It doesn’t even need to be four. You can plan a wedding for under a grand and it can still be beautiful and unique.

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