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Traditions in today’s weddings: turning 5 of them on their head

As our culture and attitudes become more liberal(ish) – and our relationship with the internet grows we’re getting less attached to upholding the traditional trappings of the Western wedding.

So this week, we’ve taken some typical wedding-day traditions and practices and explored how the modern-day wedding has put a controversial spin on them.

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A Day Of the Dead Wedding Theme

Forget Halloween themes, if you’re getting married at this time of year and you want to channel the spirit of the season, look to the Day of the Dead holiday for some inspiration. Originating from Mexico, this colourful, feel-good festival has the perfect uplifting vibe to capture for your special day.

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Ideas for a football themed wedding

If you and your fiancé are massive footy fans, having a football themed wedding could be great fun. Our friend Jo did just that. So let’s find out how.

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5 More inspirational themed wedding ideas

For better or for worse, much like man-buns, themed weddings are in. In fact, we had a brief chat about them not too long ago (themed weddings that is, not man-buns), but like a pair of newly weds shacked up away from the sun, apparently you just couldn’t get enough. So I put on my thinking cap and I put together five more (hopefully) inspirational themed wedding ideas of my own to set your own imaginations in motion.

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How to have a woodland wedding

Our friend Jo had a full-on woodland wedding – out in the countryside with the birds, bees, tents, wellies and trees. Here’s how she did it.

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Inspirational Themed Wedding Ideas

Obviously we can’t outline your perfect wedding. That’s down to you and your partner. But if you’re feeling a bit hesitant about expressing yourselves through your wedding, we’d like to offer some inspiration to you in the form of couples that clearly had no hesitation at all.

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