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After the wedding – advice and a nifty infographic

Hopefully you’ve recently read our six-part checklist to planning your own wedding. Perhaps you’re wondering, after the wedding, “what’s next?” Well, once you’ve disappeared for an elongated period of time into your honeymoon suite on some tropical island somewhere and then emerged as an entirely different couple you’ve actually got to deal with the fact that a wedding isn’t just a one day, or even two-week vacation from reality – it is your new reality.

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Top 5 honeymoon destinations abroad

Whether you want adventure or relaxation, at the beach or in the city, here are our picks of the best honeymoon destinations to escape to once you’ve said your vows.

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The BIG FOUR: tips on booking your honeymoon

Ahhh, your honeymoon. Sun, sea, sand and solitude as newlyweds. But, before you book your sweetest holiday yet, check out these essential tips.

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Which anniversary do you celebrate after you’re married?

So you’re married. Congratulations! And now that you’ve got years of marriage to look forward to, you have one burning question on your mind. It’s pretty complicated actually – which anniversary do you celebrate now?

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What to do with your wedding dress after the ‘I dos’

Think twice before shoving your wedding dress into a dark corner of the attic. Make the most of your dress and be inspired by these four tips.

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When you get married, should you change your name?

Whether you keep your birth name, or double-barrel or merge your name with your spouse, there’s no wrong or right answer. It’s just a question of preference.

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