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Dealing with conflicting wedding dates

As we grow up and our friends start to get married and have babies, event clashes are inevitable. So we’ve got some tips on dealing with conflicting events on the same day as your own or a friend’s wedding.

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1940s – Eras of inspiration

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Eras of inspiration

Even WWII rations couldn’t stop the trailblazing style of the 1940s. Christian Dior debuted with his ‘new look’, waists were cinched in, skirts got shorter and the feminine silhouette prevailed. Give your wedding a touch of the simple but chic 40s aesthetic with a few of our vintage wedding tips.

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Elopement: handling emotions and wording invitations

How do you handle the backlash of emotions that come with eloping? And how do you word the invitations to a post-elopement celebration? We reveal all.

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1930s – Eras of inspiration

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Eras of inspiration

Bidding farewell to the flapper dress, the 1930s hit with a Hollywood-infused touch of power dressing. But how does that translate to a wedding? We’re exploring all things 30s in the latest of our Eras of Inspiration series.

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Looking forward to your honeymoon more than your wedding?

Your wedding’s coming up and you’re excited. But you’re far more excited about it all being over and jetting off on your honeymoon. Is that so bad?

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Keeping calm on your wedding day – our top 10 tips

Butterflies, anxiety, nerves – we know it all comes with the territory when you’re getting married; the big day is enough to rattle even the strongest of stomachs. So read on, and set yourself up for a day without all the nerve-wracking stress, and enjoy the perfect start to wedded bliss…

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