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Weddings are complicated. So here at Popup Weddings our writers are tasked to dispel myths, give advice or just generally help you unpick the complexity.

9 wedding day details you may not have thought of

If, by the end of your wedding day, you can tell me that you didn’t forget anything, I reckon you’re fibbing. Even the most meticulous couple end up sitting down to sign their wedding certificate and realise that they’ll have to borrow the registrar’s Bic ball point.

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Should We Have a Sten Party?

Raucous nights of drunken debauchery, enough cosmo to drown in and perhaps a misguided sexual encounter with a lady boy – what’s not to love about the age old tradition of the stag and hen party?

Okay, so not all parties quite follow the same dangerous pattern of Hollywood’s Hangover films, but we wouldn’t mind betting that it isn’t all hyperbole. Well, maybe the bit where they stole Mike Tyson’s tiger.

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How far ahead should you set your wedding date?

So you’ve recently got engaged. The excitement has died down. And life has started to resume itself. Until all your friends and family start badgering you to set a date. But how much time should you give yourself between the engagement and your wedding day?

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