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Wedding Transport: A Hire Company’s Advice

by | 17 March 2018 | Vendor Services

LA Stretch Limos recently sent us a nice infographic with some useful information about wedding transport. Visually pleasing though it was, it was huge and not quite in our style. So instead, we’re going to lift the bits we think are most useful and give them a quick rewrite.

We’ve written our own guide to this subject before. But since the LA guys are a professional car hire business, it’s interesting to see what they say from the other side of the chip and PIN terminal. All the advice here comes directly from LA Stretch Limos – we’ve just reworded it to sound more… Popup Weddingsy.

What are the most popular wedding cars?

There’s no shortage of quirky and obscure choices if you want them, but the classics hold their status for a good reason.


A drop-top, jaw-dropping American classic from the 50s and 60s.


Another long, sleek American motor with lots of space on its comfy seats.

Stretch Limo

Basically a little wine bar on wheels. Perfect for transporting lots of people in luxurious comfort.

Rolls Royce

Probably the most iconic luxury car out there. There’s a reason we call the most luxurious product in any industry the ‘Rolls Royce’.


Much like a Rolls Royce, a Bentley is big, comfy, smooth-riding and classic-looking.

What should you keep in mind when you hire a car?

It’s not just about which one looks best. There are practical considerations too.


How many people do you need to transport? How many cars will you need to fit them all in?


Okay, this bit really is just about which one looks best.


How much of your overall wedding budget are you happy to devote to transport?


Who will travel with who, and in what vehicle?


Who needs to be where and at what time? How much traffic will there be? Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time in hand.


Where does the driver have to go to pick everyone up? How close are they to the wedding venue?

Wedding money in a jar

What other things should I keep in mind?

If you’ve not booked a wedding car before, it’s easy to rush it and skip some due diligence. So here are some good rules of thumb.

Book at least six months ahead

This way you’ll have far more chance of booking the exact car you want.

If you’re looking for a rare car or you’re getting married during ‘prom season’ between April and June, you should probably up it from six months to at least nine months.

Remember you can book different cars for different trips

If you’re really torn between two different cars, you can have one take you to the church and then have the other one take you to the reception.

See the car in person before you book it

Booking a car just from the photo is a risk. When you see it in person, you can make sure it’s comfortable and that it’s in as good condition as you’d been told to expect.

Get everything confirmed in writing

This makes sure there’s no misunderstanding about what you’ve asked for and paid for. Even with small things like the drinks or music you want – if you’ve asked for it, get it confirmed in writing.

Go for a test drive

If you can, have the driver take you on the full journey a week or two before the wedding. This helps you to get your timings planned out in advance. It also gives you advanced warnings about any little things that could trip you up on the big day – like roadworks or any bits of road that are too tight for a stretch limo.

Wedding Transport A Hire Company’s Advice - car-inside

Big thanks to LA Stretch Limos for sending us all this info

They’re a luxury car hire service operating in London and Essex. Check out their website to browse some seriously sleek motors. We especially like this convertible Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz – possibly because it reminds us of Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette cruising across America in True Romance.

If you’ve got any useful advice or funny stories about wedding transport, let us know in the comments.


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