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Wedding gadgets: The good, the bad, and the ‘wait…has this been invented yet?’

by | 30 September 2017 | Couple

We live in the age of techno-gadgetry, but we don’t often hear about gadgets that can improve your wedding. Why not? We had a quick Google and we think we’ve found the answer – most of them are rubbish.

We found several lists of the ‘best wedding gadgets’ online. Here’s our quick overview of the highs and lows.

Good: Videography drones

What is it?: A purpose-built drone that flies around and records video.

How much?: £300+ for the drone and a pro videographer to fly it.

We think it’s: Pricey but awesome.

Why?: Recording your wedding by drone literally gives it an extra dimension. You can fly over the top of your guests and get a real birds-eye-view of what’s going on. We can’t say we recommend buying one and having a friend film your wedding with it, unless they’re an experienced drone pilot and videographer. But there are plenty of wedding videographers who can offer this service, so you get a proper pro to do the flying.

Bad: USB cufflinks

What is it?: Two small USB flash drives, concealed within a pair of cufflinks.

How much?: £30-40

We think it’s: A naff solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Why?: This invention strikes us as having a touch of the Jurassic Park syndrome – just because you can make it, doesn’t mean you should. How often does the average groom actually wear cufflinks? Very rarely. And how exactly is discrete data storage an asset at a wedding? And even if it was useful (which it isn’t) to have a flash drive on you during your wedding, how is this a more elegant solution than just having one in your pocket, or on your keyring?

Wedding gadgets - USB cufflinks

Good: Charging station

What is it?: A purpose-built cluster of mobile phone chargers that anyone at your wedding can use.

How much?: £26 for a nifty little 5-port one like this. You can hire out much bigger, more security-conscious ones, but they’re so coy about naming prices that we they won’t even give a ballpark figure.

We think it’s: So good that we bought one just ‘cos.

Why?: Unlike the USB cufflinks, this gadget offers an elegant solution to a genuine problem – a wedding is a day-long event, during which you use your phone’s camera a lot, making battery life a problem. To solve that problem, all you need is a plug socket and a charging station.

There are some really nice little homemade charging stations out there too.

Wedding gadgets - Charging station

Bad: Spinning bow tie

What is it?: A bow tie hooked up to a small battery pack and a motor, so it spins when you press a button. You know, like a clown?

How much?: Too much. Whatever the price is, it’s too much.

We think it’s: A telling illustration of just how few good wedding gadgets there are, considering it made Mashable’s list of the 12 best wedding gadgets.

Why?: We all know the kind of guy who would wear a spinning bowtie to a wedding. And no one wants to be stuck on the same table as that guy. This gadget offers nothing beyond pure novelty value, and that novelty isn’t especially novel and it certainly isn’t original. These things have been around for decades, so it’s not even a new invention. If this is one of the best wedding gadgets around, then we reckon there’s a pretty big gap in the market.

Wedding gadgets - Spinning bow tie

Wait…has this been invented yet?: Instant curated photo display

What is it?: A system that allows guests to instantly upload all their photos to one place, so a member of the wedding party can project all the best photos onto a wall at the reception for all to see, just minutes after they were taken.

How much?: We don’t know. We’ve had a good browse around and it seems no such system exists.

We think it’s: The kind of thing that would actually make for a really cool wedding-based application of new technology.

Why?: Over the last ten years, just think how many innovations there have been in the field of taking, sharing and displaying photos. And there are few events more conducive to taking, sharing, and displaying photos as a wedding. One of the downsides of being the bride or groom is that you miss so much of the cool things going on elsewhere at the event. And how cool would it be as a guest to take a great photo and see it displayed on the wall, just a few minutes later, for everyone else to see?

Wedding gadgets - Projector

Anything we’ve missed?

You can probably tell we’re not massively impressed by the current landscape of wedding based gadgetry. So if there’s a great gadget we’ve overlooked or another brilliant idea that’s yet to be invented, let us know in the comments. (Tell us about all the naff ones too, if you like. Always good for a chuckle.)


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Couple Wedding gadgets: The good, the bad, and the ‘wait…has this been invented yet?’