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Wedding car hire – What to keep in mind

by | 29 July 2017 | Couple

Hiring a wedding car often seems like one of the simplest things to arrange for your wedding. But if you think of it merely as a fancy taxi service, you might hit some problems. 

Most people know what kind of wedding car they want pretty early on. It’s mostly your personal style and your wedding aesthetic that’ll guide your decision. So picking the style of car isn’t actually the toughest choice you face.

Here’s how to make sure you’ve got all the angles covered.

Do you definitely need to hire a wedding car?

It’s actually pretty easy for a car to look the part as wedding transport. If one of your friends has a sleek-looking Merc or BMW, it only takes a few ribbons and a well-dressed driver to do the job. But realistically, it has to be at least a stylish four-door saloon or something more fancy – your cousin’s 2-door hatchback might go like the clappers, but it’s just not going to look right.

Little girl getting out of wedding car

Know where the costs are

When you browse your options for wedding cars, there’s one thing you’ll notice very quickly – the prices don’t vary much. Regardless of whether you want a vintage 1940s Bentley or a roaring V12 Aston Martin, you’ll usually be paying between £250 and £500.

What really dictates the costs are these things:

  • Mileage – the further the car has to drive, the more you’ll have to pay.
  • Number of cars – don’t assume you only need one.
  • How long you’ll need the car for.
  • What times of day you’ll need the car for.

So whatever you do, don’t just look online and budget £300 for a car.

Wedding car

Book well ahead

If you’re getting married on a Tuesday in November, you probably won’t need to book a car as soon as you possibly can. But you still should, especially if you’ve got something specific in mind.

If you’re getting hitched on a Saturday in July, booking a car needs to be one of the very first things you do.

Forego the chauffeur at your own risk

Most dedicated wedding car companies will automatically give you a chauffeur service, with no option to forego it and use your own driver. This is for very good reason. There are plenty of things that can go wrong on a wedding day. A professional chauffeur knows the car, knows the routes and knows the process inside out.

If, as we said before, you have a friend with a suitable car they’re used to driving, you should be okay. Just make sure they have everything well planned out before the day. But if you’re hiring a car, you’ll really want the chauffeur to go with it.

There are plenty of good ways to save money on your wedding day, but skimping on a driver isn’t one of them.

The vintage Volkswagen wedding car


Again, most companies will have all the little wedding extras included. (Many will even include a bottle of chilled champagne for the bride and groom to enjoy on their way to the reception.) But you should always check these things.

And if they do include the decorations, don’t assume they’ll give you a choice of colours and styles. They should do, but these are the little things you always want to check.

Make sure you have a matching number of bums and seats

It’s rarely just the bride and groom who’ll need transport on the day. Think about bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, grandparents and kids. How many cars do you need? Will each vehicle do one trip, or will it come back for the others?

It’s especially important to think about young kids. If a child’s young enough to need a car seat, that’s an extra faff you’ll need to have planned out in advance.

Limousine wedding car

See it with your own eyes

If you’ve ever bought a car (or indeed anything) from eBay, you’ll know it’s amazing how much a bit of creative photography can hide the kinds of flaws that would be obvious to anyone viewing it in person.

If you’re being careful to use a reputable company, this shouldn’t be too much of a worry. But it’s still worth doing, just so you know exactly what you’ll be getting into (literally) on the big day.

And finally: check reviews and talk to the companies

Private car hiring is a competitive business. You have plenty of chances to shop around. And hey, this is 2017 – people expect you to be demanding and compare them with their competitors. So don’t just find someone local and book everything online.

Check who has the best reviews of the companies operating in your area. And phone them up. They’re in the hospitality business, so they should be eager to please and willing to answer all your questions with a smile.

Do you have any especially good or bad wedding car experiences to tell us about? Do you have any extra tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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