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Looking forward to your honeymoon more than your wedding?

by | 8 April 2017 | Couple

Looking forward to your honeymoon more than your wedding is something that tends to make people feel guilty. The biggest commitment of your life should surely be a bigger deal than a holiday, right? 

Well, let’s have a think about it. We’ll run through a few reasons you should or shouldn’t feel bad if your honeymoon excites you more than your wedding.

Reasons you should feel bad

Your wedding’s a once (hopefully) in a lifetime event

Lots of people take holidays every year and, let’s face it, your honeymoon is just a slightly more significant holiday. So it’s pretty easy to feel you must be underwhelmed about your wedding if a glorified holiday is more appealing.

You spend your wedding with your friends and family

Being surrounded by everyone who loves you is a special occasion, especially when you’re the main focus of it all. So when you’re more looking forward to spending time with just your new husband or wife, with everyone else many miles away, it’s easy to feel you’re being selfish.

Bride and groom crowd surfing

Reasons you shouldn’t feel bad

Weddings are stressful

Most people will say their wedding day was the best day of their lives, but we can all admit the joyful parts all come with huge amounts of pressure. That’s why you shouldn’t worry too much about the ‘once in a lifetime’ bit – it brings a very heavy sense of expectation that will almost always temper your excitement. So it’s totally okay to say to yourself “I can’t wait for this to all be over so I can relax”.

After all, that’s why we have honeymoons anyway, isn’t it?

Your honeymoon’s still part of your wedding

One of the big things that makes a honeymoon so enjoyable is the time you can spend reflecting on your wedding day. In some ways, this nullifies the ‘friends and family’ section above – it’s their presence at your wedding that makes those memories so enjoyable to think of while you relax by the pool.

Honeymoons last longer

Quite a simple one, this – but it stands to reason. Although your wedding day should be a wonderful experience, a holiday should be too. And even if you only take a one-week honeymoon, it’s still seven times more good days than you get with a wedding.

That’s just maths.

Love message written in sand

Because it’s not a competition

The biggest fear with these things is that we’ll suddenly learn something about ourselves and our motivations by what we most look forward to. If that’s your worry, you’re being too hard on yourself.

Let’s say thinking about your wedding puts you at an 8/10 on the excite-o-meter, and thinking of your honeymoon bumps you up to a 9/10. So what? Just because one excites you more than the other, doesn’t mean you suddenly don’t want to get married.

Because it’s the first proper time you spend as a married couple

And that’s the point of the whole thing, isn’t it?

Looking forward to your honeymoon means you’re looking forward to being married. You don’t really get the chance to relax and let it sink in until you leave work, friends, and family behind for a while. You have to get out of your natural habitat to see how big a change you’ve made and how it feels.

Couple on honeymoon

So to conclude: don’t feel bad

We think it’s totally normal to see your wedding as a great big leap, and your honeymoon as the reward on the other side. It’s just a natural way we all react to the pressure of organising such a big event.

So give yourself a break.

Do you agree with us? Which of the two do/did you look forward to most when planning your wedding? Let us know in the comments.

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Couple Looking forward to your honeymoon more than your wedding?