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Keeping calm on your wedding day – our top 10 tips

by | 25 March 2017 | Couple

Butterflies, anxiety, nerves – we know it all comes with the territory when you’re getting married; the big day is enough to rattle even the strongest of stomachs. So read on, set yourself up for a day without all the nerve-wracking stress, keep calm and enjoy the perfect start to wedded bliss…

1. In case of emergency

How can you combat every possible disaster whirring around your brain? Prepare for them. Don’t give anything the satisfaction of ruining your day, whether it’s a dress mishap or a makeup meltdown.

Create a kit of must-have items for an emergency – Popup Weddings writer Matt lists all the essentials in his blog post When a wedding day goes wrong. And if you don’t have a wedding planner, appoint someone as your contact in times of crisis, you don’t want to be the person the photographer is ringing when he’s stuck in traffic.

Best friends - bride and bridesmaid

2. Organise, but let it go

Keep calm and plan. Try to organise the day around time slots, but keep them flexible so you don’t freak out when you’re running late, which invariably, you will be.

Wedding planning

3. The gift of time

You don’t want to be rushing on your big day. Whether it’s for your journey to the venue or your getting ready slot, schedule yourself way more time than you need, then chill as you breeze through with time to spare…


4. Don’t be rigid

When were you last able to control every single aspect of an entire day? Don’t expect it to suddenly change for your wedding day. Come to terms with the fact everything might not be precisely as planned, and don’t worry about it, sometimes things can even change for the better.

Being firm but fair

5. Equip yourself

Have a go-to technique for times of stress and crisis. Mindfulness meditation can work wonders, yoga breathing exercises will calm your body down, positive mantras will put your mind in the perfect place, and a short five minutes alone will help you take stock and reset. Whatever it is, have something in your arsenal that will calm you down, and don’t be afraid to use it.

Bride and groom heart hands

6. Get your beauty sleep

We all know how difficult it is to sleep when you’re full of excitement, but some good shut eye will put you in good stead for the big day. Ensure you enjoy a relaxing evening the night before – think bubble baths, lavender candles, pillow spray, a great book… put yourself in the best position to sleep like a baby.

Bed sleep and relax

7. Comfort in the familiar

We all know this is not a normal day. But you can kid your body into thinking it is. Whether you usually start the day with a cup of coffee, a hot bath, a long run or some yoga, give yourself some time to enjoy the same on the morning of your wedding. Take comfort in the familiar and set yourself up in the best way you know how.

Drinking coffee

8. Eat it

Your appetite won’t exactly be eager if you’ve got a stomach full of butterflies, but eating something will help keep the fluttery tummy at bay. Nibble on a croissant or a piece of toast, indulge in some eggs or some healthy fruit pancakes – just set yourself up for a healthy, protein and carb filled start to the day.


9. I do

Remember, between the table plans, the meal, the meltdowns and the drunken dance floor, it’s about you and your future wife or husband. Yes, you’re celebrating with your nearest and dearest, but as long as you’re both happy and you have a great day, that’s really all that matters.

Just married couple

10. Take it all in

Ask any bride or groom, the wedding day goes by in a flash. Calm yourself down by stopping and taking a moment to savour it. Whether it’s while you’re standing at the end of the aisle, throwing the bouquet or cutting the cake, take a look around you, revel in this monumental occasion, and enjoy it.

Bride thinking

Do you have any keep calm tips for our nervous brides and grooms to be? Perhaps the nerves never even arrived on your wedding day? Or maybe you’ve got the tools to ensure they don’t? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Couple Keeping calm on your wedding day – our top 10 tips