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Planning the perfect engagement trip away

by | 4 March 2017 | Groom

Thinking of popping the question while on holiday? Creating the perfect moment can be tricky to do from afar, so here we are to the rescue, with a few tips for planning the perfect engagement break, so you can create the trip of a lifetime and ensure she (or he!) remembers the proposal for all the right reasons.

The fairy tale location

Of course, there are typically dreamy destinations such as Paris or Venice, but put your relationship knowledge to the test here… think about what your other half would like, whether it’s a city they’ve fallen in love with already, somewhere you know they’ve always wanted to visit, or perhaps a new discovery that you just know they will adore.

Couple on a beach with a rose

Travel smart

We all know that travelling is a means to an end when you’re going on holiday. And we’re not all capable of making it luxurious with a first class ticket. But whether you’re travelling abroad or closer to home, try to limit the stress. For example, don’t pick a random resort that’s a five-hour bus ride from a foreign airport…

A special stay

Make sure you think about setting the mood when it comes to booking your accommodation. Airbnb is the perfect choice if you want to find a private home from home, while sites such as Doris & Dicky are ideal for unique boutique hotels. Of course, feel free to splash out on the finest hotel with the plushest surrounds… you’re only doing it once, right?!

The ring

If you’re getting down on one knee with the ring in hand, you’ll need to discreetly get your ring to your chosen location. I’ve heard many a horror story about sweaty palms at customs, men being terrified they’re just a bag search away from being discovered and equally worried that their luggage will be lost. Out top tip? Keep the ring in its box in your hand luggage, attach a little note saying “engagement ring inside, please be discreet”, nestle it inside a sock and don’t pack it in a bag filled with electronics that is likely to be searched.

Young man presenting engagement ring

Action packed

Do plan the perfect proposal, but don’t forget the rest of the holiday. Make sure your soon to be fiancée has the time of their life with planned activities, day trips, or some pampering… you’re making memories here.

The big moment

Now for the big pay off. If you’ve been to the destination before you may already know where you want to pop the question. If not, do your research – be as cliche or as original as you like, just do it with them in mind. Look to famous landmarks, private beaches, natural wonders, plush restaurants… or just leave it to when you feel the moment is right. But do think about doing it at the start of your trip; then you won’t have to nervously keep the secret for your entire stay, and it’ll certainly set a lovely mood for the rest of your holiday.

Couple - Engagement silhouette

Have you managed to pull off a flawless engagement break? Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of the perfect moment? Share your secrets and tips with us in the comments box below.

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Groom Planning the perfect engagement trip away